Saturday, December 8, 2007


How could anyone consider voting for a man who, despite letters from victims, chose to let a rapist out of prison -- a rapist who went on to rape and murder two more women before he was put in prison again?

Huckabee -- the man who thinks rapists are not gonna repeat their crimes. Huckabee -- the enemy of law and order.
Huckabee -- more interested in spite at a Clinton far-relation who was a rape victim than in letting justice -- and a prison sentence -- take its course.

Voting for a man like that is asking for special treatment for male violence, for rapists, and for cronyism and petty vengeance of the worst sort. Someone who is that spiteful should not be anywhere near the White House, especially with the current state of the rule of law. If anyone hearts Huckabee, that person can be counted on to aid corruption.

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