Monday, July 28, 2008

Well That Was Fast.

Today Fox News was discussing the shooting in the Tennessee church, whether it was a hate crime, and whether the shooter is crazy.

"He said he hated liberals and he wanted to kill some. That is crazy."

I beg your pardon? Fox News? Look for the beam in thine eye. Fox cultivates people who "hate liberals" and "want to kill them". They have been doing it for years. It is one of the more repellent things about them. Bill O'Riley. Sean Hannity. Their pets and fellow travelers, like Ann Coulter and other repellent creatures.

They have been building toward this kind of act for years -- and now they have the temerity to declare that the gunman is crazy. Bullshit. Big heaping dunghills of bullshit. I wonder if Fox News could be considered an accomplice? They are certainly enablers.

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Jim Yeager said...

Well, that gunman is crazy. But Fox News is being disingenuous in the extreme...