Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Mystery

Via Avedon Carol at The Sideshow comes a pointer to cupojoe's discussion of bailing out the rich folks.

To me, it is a mystery that so many Democrats have voted in favor of the so-called bailout. Why -- WHY? -- would so many of them vote for a scheme that does not have stringent oversight and definitions of what is being bought for this price tag? We already know that the banks and brokerages cannot be trusted to regulate themselves. It's worse than giving more candy to screaming, hyper children.

And if we permit these incompetents to declare what they shall sell and what they shall not, we are just asking to be stiffed again at a later date as they fail once more. So why are Democrats getting in line to help screw us over?

It's insane.

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Michael Caddell said...

A reader at my spot sent in a series of You Tube vids and as much as it chaffed me to post them, excerpts from Fox News, they did have a point. The top tier big Dems have their hands in the Wall Street cookie jars to.

I got sidetracked on my commentary at the post, but still - you're correct ... it is insane, at least on the surface.

Hearings are called for and we should be emailing and phoning in "no" on this fiasco.