Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Wonder

As I've mentioned before, I now work in a Federal building that has Fox on half its screens all day long.

Recently I've been seeing what look like breaks in the surface of the slippery guy they have announcing all day long. Every so often he breaks out in lefty statements. It makes me wonder if he is *required* to be a right wing nut job to stay employed. I actually heard him say two things last week that were really unlike the usual party line.

The first was when one of his required wingnut visitors said something about a statement Obama made. The Fox guy actually cut him off with "That is NOT true!"

The second was about Exxon.

"14.9 billion dollars in profits this quarter. I want every one of you to remember this the next time the price of oil rises and they go crawling to Congress for a handout. 14.9 billion dollars in profits." Interesting. And very unlike Fox.

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