Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Good Fix

Personally, I think Obama should nominate Howard Dean for HHS -- and IMO he should have been the first choice. He is smart, experienced, organized, and competent.

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I did the caretaker thing when both my parents came down with cancer within six months of each other. My mother survived; my father didn't. Just did a short stint with my former housemate who just died this past Sunday from liver cancer brought on by Hep C.

A positive attitude is essential in beating this disease, as is of course, good medicine. And it is beatable. We all hear the stories of those who didn't make it. Need to surround yourself with those winning the fight. In fact, we're still laughing in my house over one of my declarations. I was already up having coffee one morning last week when my wife walked into the room. I announced, "With regard to cancer, I only want to speak to survivors." It took us both a moment to realize what I had said and we burst out laughing. Keep the faith.