Thursday, May 3, 2007


Barack Obama is being given Secret Service protection this week. I am glad that someone is being realistic.

I have heard many people remark that he would be a good president if he survives to hold office. The way people say this makes one understand just how many people fear that racists are plotting evil based on the color of someone's skin. It's an ugly reality.

Me, I'd like to see him survive, so I am glad he will have guards.


Mimus Pauly said...

I was just thinking about this less than an hour ago over dinner. I don't want to see any politician get shot -- recently I saw the DVD Death of a President, and while the overall quality of the film was very good, its content and vision were really disturbing. But if Obama, or any other Dem candidate gets killed by one of these neo-Nazi types, then I say it's time to pull the gloves off and yank these people off the streets.

It just gets harder and harder for me to distinguish between the white, Christian supremacists here and the jihadists elsewhere. It's the same blind hatred with different enemies. Same rhetoric, different details. Neither faction contribues anything positive to the societies in which they live -- corrosion, chaos, misery, and that's it.

An idea came to me during dinner. Imagine Washington, under Democratic leadership (the Republicans would never dare doing this), making this deal with the Muslim governments of the world: you round up your jihadists, we'll round up our white Christian supremacists, and we'll trade prisoners. Then you let us do what we want with the people you give us, and we'll let you do the same.

Then tune into Fox News and enjoy watching everyone go completely insane from fear.

I'll bet the rather conservative Supreme Court will produce some highly liberal decisions on this matter...

Scorpio said...

Better make that whole thing a post at the Medley!

Dems are too nancy-pants to round up the freaking fundies, unfortunately. Ol' Fred and Spawn could be first with a special charter flight to the Dungeon of Your Choice.