Saturday, May 12, 2007

Web Evolution

Over at Mockingbird's Medley, Mimus asked the question "Blogads or YouTube...?"

It's pretty easy for me to ignore Blogads -- they just sit there. The main harm they do is to curtail the speech of the blogger who accepts a corporate nickel -- and I think that readers can make their own decisions about what that does to someone's point of view.

What drives me really crazy is something that big web sites do all the time now. They put up a headline promising a recipe, and if you click on it, you are presented with a video box with the inevitable arrow. I hate those mthrfckrs! If I had wanted a damned video, I 'd have gone to YouTube.

I read much faster than anyone can perform anything and I resent the daylights out of time-wasting videos. I also resent links that take you to videos without giving a video icon by the headline.

If these morons do it enough, I will move on to another home page and they can begin to kiss revenue good-bye with my foot helping them along.


Mimus Pauly said...

Yeah, what you said.

But I have this feeling you and I are on the losing side of this issue. YouTube is here to stay, and in the end, it's going to win -- moving images are simply more entertaining to most people than single images or text files. I don't mind looking at it once in a while. But I'm a reader, not a viewer. And the best we can do is rail against it.

Sucks, I know...

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