Friday, June 22, 2007

Rock/Hard Place

Poor Gonzales!

The Information Security Oversight Office has asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resolve the legal dispute over whether the order applies to Cheney's office. So far, the Justice Department has not ruled on the issue.

Can you imagine? He has been asked to decide if Dick Cheney must follow the law regarding classifying and declassifying national security issues. Cheney, of course, is suggesting that the president can't give him orders. Cheney is pretending that his office is not part of the Executive branch. Did anyone tell him that we don't have a special classification of oligarchs who can do whatever they want?

It seems that the Information Security Department has asked Abu Gonzales to bell the cat. Imagine!

Why, this would mean Gonzales would have to report on whether Cheney outed Valerie Plame by the book, or as a spontaneous act of malice! The staggering implications! Someone who will have to decide if Cheney is accountable, and possibly take flack for such a decision! The mind boggles.

Somehow, I'm not sure Gonzales has the balls.

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