Friday, July 20, 2007

"The Eagle Has Landed"

I watched the 1969 moon landing with wonder. I followed it as much as I could. The future was happening, and I had lived to see it. At 4:17pm EDT, we celebrate the Eagle, which landed 38 years ago today.

One thing that the Heinlein Centennial** did was renew that hope that I may yet see us take real steps to live off planet. Dr. Peter Diamandis, an inspiring speaker, has the firm intention of being on the moon to welcome NASA back -- when they get there.

Michael Griffin spoke of the steps NASA is taking to move us toward a moon base. I hope that we continue in this direction -- especially since its abrupt inception derailed Hubble maintenance; and I really have enjoyed Hubble's pictures of the universe. Michael Griffin's entire talk can be found at:

And an excerpt thereof:

We need to go -- or we shall surely go extinct too soon.

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** Please note that the Centennial web site states:

"This event was the effort of a group of Heinlein scholars and admirers that was assembled for the sole purpose of enabling the celebration of Robert Heinlein's 100th birthday in grand style. We are a unique entity and not associated, in any form, with any other group or institution.

We are not connected with the Heinlein Prize Trust,
the Heinlein Estate or the Heinlein Society."

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