Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"Twister Victims to Receive Trailers" -- I am speechless.

No person in their right mind would live in a trailer in Tornado Alley. Trailers are tornado magnets. There is never a set of tornadoes that doesn't hit and demolish a trailer court. I once theorized that if we wanted to change the climate, we should move all trailers to Arizona, and then *they* would get the tornadoes.

Thanks FEMA. Thanks a lot. Formaldehyde interiors and tornado magnet exteriors. What else could someone with a disaster want?

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Bryan said...

Your chances of dying from a tornado are actually less than dying from the effects of the formaldehyde and a hell of lot quicker.

The local dealers who sell the things tell you up front "two weeks, max".

You have to sign a release if you rent one for a month.