Monday, August 6, 2007

A Progressive Party

I've had it.

No more Republicans. No more Democrats. It's time to move out.

Why should you trust me? Well, aside from the fact that I would consider stealing anathema, I have been preaching for many solid years here against the destruction of a constitutional, checks and balances form of government. I have urged you over and over to write to congressional representatives. I have given you an 800 number to use to badger your senators.

My senators are a disgrace to God and Country. Their names are Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts. I want whichever one is up for re-election to go down in flaming defeat -- whether by a righteous Republican or a New Democrat doesn't matter. A Libertarian. A Green. Or lo, a Progressive, who bypasses the Republican/Democrat mark of shame and stands up for American values.

Our values don't include perpetual terror and war. Our values don't include leaving veterans to commit suicide or be dumped as mentally unfit just because they need care. Our values don't include recruiting foreigners with the promise of citizenship, only to yank that away.

Our government is a disgrace. It has to stop.

Contribute and I'll put this money toward the defeat of incumbents who voted to let this evil administration expand spying.

I swear it.


Anonymous said...

If things don't improve this election cycle, it looks like Canada will be a good place for me to retire. As it is, with Ronnie's policies still coming around to haunt us everyday, I don't see how this country will be fixed in my lifetime.

Linde Knighton said...

Serious about the Progressive Party?
Since I don't know where you live, this is the best I can do, check out the map on and find the one closest to you. The active parties will help you set one up in your state.