Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Much

New Orleans housing could $50 billion buy?

Enough to repatriate the trailer people?

Enough so the exiles could return to the city?

Hasn't he destroyed enough already?


Bryan said...

I read somewhere today that the damage estimate for the 105,000 buildings lost to Katrina was $14 billion. Someone is playing games with the numbers.

Scorpio said...

Yes, the insurance companies have been playing games ever since the hurricane hit and the levees went. No one is getting the flood damage covered -- so all of that isn't "estimated". The insurance companies are even lying about wind damage and fallen trees, pretending that those things are not covered.

You know, insuring yak bites anywhere but Tibet.

Basically, every insurance company owes more than they are worth, and the courts are conspiring to keep them in business.

Anonymous said...

Bush doesn't give a shit, no one he knows is affected to it's trivial.

He's probably even more teflon than Regan, because he just doesn't care unless it's one of his billionaire buddies.