Sunday, August 19, 2007


It seems that Wikipedia was being edited by people at the CIA and the Pentagon. Sections edited included one on Guantanamo and one on the Iraq war.

All this does for me is highlight how much Wikipedia incorporates the opinions of people messing with the entries. Wikipedia rejects some true statements. It lets other pass. It rejects at whim, and includes at whim.

Wikipedia is NOT an authoritative source. It's more of a handy online gotcha that perpetuates the opinions of some contributors. It cannot, in all honesty, be used to prove anything. As a source, its methods of inclusion are so suspect that data on it should be double and triple checked with printed and signed material.

Cute. Handy. Full of unfiltered crap.

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Michael Caddell said...

Great post ... uhhh, you mean like Fox News or take your pick ... funny, funny.