Sunday, September 2, 2007

And When it is Too Late

When it is too late* will you wish you had impeached this lawless, arrogant, treasonous monster?

All of you who swore you would uphold the Constitution, are you really religious? Do your really believe that your God will punish you for lying in His sight?

Perhaps the rest of the world will have to take God's place. Perhaps the US Congress will have to stand with the administration in a massive war crimes trial. What reason is there for the US to attack any other country, aside from the insanity of its lying, cheating administration?

You, in Congress, know your duty. If you are afraid to do it, quit and let someone with a spine do it in your place.

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*New link inserted

The missing link via Kos was a story about a lower level Navy person who was twitching because every last missile is being brought in, a list of targets exists, and every person who questions the wisdom of bombing Iran disappears, and is replaced by someone who spouts the party line.

One particular line said "everything flows from the top down. There is no discussion, not among commanders, and not among the people who will be expected to carry out the orders." It spoke of someone asking a question that was perfectly normal -- and the fact that it was then discussed in undertones out on the flight deck rather than in normal tones in the wardroom.

And now the story has disappeared. It doesn't exactly undermine the character of what the story reported, to have it disappear, now does it? But folks other than Kos preserved it.

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