Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Am I Misremembering History Classes?

Just because the Senate passes a piece of yellow, war-mongering legislation, wouldn't the House have to pass a similar or identical bill for it to become something ready for signing, and for being actual policy?

Just because we have a passel of morally blind, ethically crippled, blood sucking, blood-letting Senators, doesn't it mean that it is the duty of the House to stop them?

Just askin'....

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Michael Caddell said...

Short answer - the House will rewrite it, again, but tack on more earmarks where it again goes back to the Senate.

Long answer - most legislation being introduced will never make it past Bush, unless it is legislation he wants passed.

An over riding [veto] vote is the problem ... for the spineless Dems who are blunting the anger of the people with chasing the dog's tail.

"That dawg don't hunt." Is more than a cheap cliche today in the beltway. Everyone, including the pundits are very terrified of a populist type surge in the voting booths at the next election.

The more people who go independent the less they know or can predict the outcome of the election. Barring an overnight bombing of Iran and a rapid escalation of violence - the draft, rationing and all the stuff that happened during WWII - this is a real possibility ... we will have more tail chasing a dawg that don't hunts.