Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Green Food

Today MSN had a rather long article on "The Cost of Eating Green."

To me, the cost is not what's at issue here. What eating green does is support smaller and local food sources rather than contribute all the time to the shipping of food. I won't touch a New Zealand apple -- after traveling half a world, the poor apples have no flavor, no juice, and a completely indecent texture. Better they should have stayed in New Zealand and become applesauce! I try to pay attention to sources. Washington apples? Why not Missouri apples?

Let's face it, with peak oil coming or here, the gasoline tax on food transport is about to skyrocket. People who are currently eating green will not have a better place in line for scarce resources unless they belong to co-ops and the co-ops have a secure line on staples. But at least current people eating green are helping to develop resources against the day when the cost of transport is triple or quadruple that of the food itself.

If you have not been to a Farmer's Market, it's time to start going -- not that it will help you when the crunch comes.

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