Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As long as there are rapists, there should be legally available abortion. It's pretty much that simple.

If a woman wants to keep a child of rape, it's her decision. Likely she will be supporting it herself, since I'm not sure rapists are ever encumbered with child support.

On the other hand, if she believes that aborting the offspring of rapists will cull the kind of genes that produce rapists, more power to her; and a legal ridding of a possible pregnancy should be beyond question any time in the first three months.

One of the most evil things about Huckabible was that he pardoned a rapist who went on to rape and murder two more women. Any whimpering he does about the sacredness of life should be met with hoots of "rapist enabler!" and "Accessory to murder!" He's both, he is a blot on the body politic, and I hope he is soundly defeated, even if by John McCain, who is another blot on the body politic and a public Bush-hugger.

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