Thursday, January 3, 2008

Politics Happens

Iowa caucuses are today. Like many other liberals, I have to say that I think John Edwards would be the best person to start undoing some of the Bush damage. Avedon Carol writes a good list of reasons.

One of the best is that he has been discussing issues, not bashing other candidates or looking for little bobbles to turn into media circuses or nails for a crucifixion. Both Hil and Obama are -- too Republican for me, and I do not want a candidate who feels it is necessary to get on the faith bandwagon.

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Jim Yeager said...

Too late, at least in Iowa -- Obama won handily, and Edwards just barely squeaked by Clinton for second place.

I was a little puzzled when Kucinich, my first pick, threw his support to Obama. My second pick is Edwards. But that might have played a key role in helping Obama win...