Sunday, September 7, 2008


I put my Palin opinions up at Pacific Views and I kept it pretty clean and specific.

She has done a poisonous thing to the media coverage and to the tone of the Presidential campaign. Since her advent, discussions of issues and policies have gone away almost entirely. She has been in the spotlight stirring up culture muck and putting on a show that has the "circus" part of bread and circuses front and center.

Yeah, McCain is gonna stop those lobbyists! Have you ever heard such a lie? And he's going to cut spending. Oh yes, while he is giving billions daily to fight wars, he is going to cut spending and taxes, hallelujah!! Another lie.

It's time and past time for the news to examine the content of statements and whether accomplishing them is possible instead of just reporting any lie that candidates spout. Right now, the circus has them dazzled. And they are providing garbage 24/7 as a result. Britney for VP has them grovelling.

I hope the debates bring the current wave of brown stuff to a stop, really I do. Of course, TV may once again have a mandate to use only camera angles that mask the fact that McCain is much shorter than Obama. They managed it for Bush when the first debate showed he was the short person running. Keep an eye on those artifical shots, folks. I'm betting they contort angles dramatically again this time.

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