Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Real Bottom Line

Alternate Brain hilights it.

There is only money to bail out the plutocrats. There is not enough money to care for anyone or anything else. The free market is only free if you are an owner. As soon as you fail big, there is the good old struggling taxpayer to bail you out. Of course YOU did not want to pay taxes -- oh no! It is just unFAIR to tax millionaires and estates and capital gains and business profits. Really -- it is only FAIR to tax the wages of working folks, and then use those taxes to bail out millionaires, capital gains, and businesses.

If you vote to keep these people in office, you are insane.

consider: how many years could 770 billion keep social security going? How many years of medicare extended to every citizen could it pay for? Add in the 25 billion to retool the auto industry, which has kicked and screamed at the very idea of designing safe, reasonable alternative fuel cars -- how many more years of things needed by those who actually pay the taxes that are going to be wasted on kissing Big Boy ass?

And Mr McCain sees these jerks as a financial model?? That the health industry should be more like them? That alone pretty much disqualifies him from being a decent and responsible leader. His idiot theories are in the way of seeing reality, and we don't need more of that.

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