Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What McCain Has

is a Mommy. Not just the mother of five, but a mommy who will make sure her new boy is protected from having to discuss things like issues. Instead the agenda will include respect-or-no-interviews, the requirement that people without policy positions be taken seriously, respect for the destruction of the constitution, respect for opinions handed down from the pulpit with no proof, and a cultural imperative to kick ass and be first no matter how many bodies pile up.

Such a mom!!

Yesterday, Mr. McCain visited John Knox Village in Lee's Summit, MO. This was his core supporting audience. To get a place in John Knox Village cost a quarter of a million dollars back in the 1970's when Grandmother bought in. Today it must be even more expensive. It is everything from assisted living to an on-site hospital; basically full of elderly white Republicans -- a McCain constituency if ever there was one.

Someone at work with an evil sense of humor suggested this scene: Mr. McCain finishes his talk to thunderous applause, and then a nurse comes up and says loudly to him "That was very nice dear, now we'll get someone to show you to your room."

Do we ever wish. He can take his perky mom along with him.

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