Thursday, January 24, 2008

Other Posts

Other places -- this week I have made my first post at Pacific Views, and I placed one in the nest at The Mockingbird's Medley.

Other than those, I have been out there making comments. At The Sideshow I speculated that Harry Reid has caught a disease that is causing Republican-enabling, and out at Alternate Brain observed that instead of a memorial library, George Bush should have a memorial crater of industrial or nuclear waste. It would certainly be a more representative memorial to his time in office.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As long as there are rapists, there should be legally available abortion. It's pretty much that simple.

If a woman wants to keep a child of rape, it's her decision. Likely she will be supporting it herself, since I'm not sure rapists are ever encumbered with child support.

On the other hand, if she believes that aborting the offspring of rapists will cull the kind of genes that produce rapists, more power to her; and a legal ridding of a possible pregnancy should be beyond question any time in the first three months.

One of the most evil things about Huckabible was that he pardoned a rapist who went on to rape and murder two more women. Any whimpering he does about the sacredness of life should be met with hoots of "rapist enabler!" and "Accessory to murder!" He's both, he is a blot on the body politic, and I hope he is soundly defeated, even if by John McCain, who is another blot on the body politic and a public Bush-hugger.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Green Food

Today MSN had a rather long article on "The Cost of Eating Green."

To me, the cost is not what's at issue here. What eating green does is support smaller and local food sources rather than contribute all the time to the shipping of food. I won't touch a New Zealand apple -- after traveling half a world, the poor apples have no flavor, no juice, and a completely indecent texture. Better they should have stayed in New Zealand and become applesauce! I try to pay attention to sources. Washington apples? Why not Missouri apples?

Let's face it, with peak oil coming or here, the gasoline tax on food transport is about to skyrocket. People who are currently eating green will not have a better place in line for scarce resources unless they belong to co-ops and the co-ops have a secure line on staples. But at least current people eating green are helping to develop resources against the day when the cost of transport is triple or quadruple that of the food itself.

If you have not been to a Farmer's Market, it's time to start going -- not that it will help you when the crunch comes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Yes!

As the market plunges, as gas prices rise, and banks lose big due to the repackaging of loose loans into "new and improved!" collateral, what is Congress doing?

Complaining about a baseball player's personal trainer

I'm really glad that Congress gave themselves a raise this year, aren't you? And that they are really working hard on things like the war, the economy, and the rebuilding of New Orleans.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


In terms of issues, Hillary Clinton is not the person I favor in the 2008 contest.

But when has media ever dealt with her in terms of issues? This week, news clips of her emotional patriotism and some anger were aired at the expense of any substantial political message. It is with great joy that I report that the people of New Hampshire gave their votes to patriotism and anger, with the second largest number going to the man who was human and gracious -- Barack Obama, who stated that the nomination process was difficult for all candidates.

Genuine patriotism. Excellent sportsmanship. What a wonderful thing to see those qualities rewarded.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Politics Happens

Iowa caucuses are today. Like many other liberals, I have to say that I think John Edwards would be the best person to start undoing some of the Bush damage. Avedon Carol writes a good list of reasons.

One of the best is that he has been discussing issues, not bashing other candidates or looking for little bobbles to turn into media circuses or nails for a crucifixion. Both Hil and Obama are -- too Republican for me, and I do not want a candidate who feels it is necessary to get on the faith bandwagon.