Sunday, November 30, 2008

Captive Audience

Well, last week from Wednesday through Friday, the captive audience of Fox News was subjected to all-Mumbai all the time. I hope that by tomorrow the cleanup will have progressed enough that Fox will finally lay off. It was incredibly ugly.

With two wars of our own and a whole world out there, you would think that they could have spent a *little* time on something else...but noooo.

Saturday, November 22, 2008



We think is written by a man (78%).

Is this because it's literate? Because it is not emotional? Because it's political?

Wish I knew what the critera were.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Things Won't Stop

Some of the Obama Birth Certificate Crazies are still out on the trail. Some racists. Some who can't bear to lose.

Bush is still touting the "free market", when it will be anything but free for quite awhile. I suppose that some must count the draining of half the US Treasury to be a "free market" coup, but most of us consider it a disastrous failure.

I am personally very satisfied at the election results. I voted for Obama for his brains, and for his ability to maintain civility in the face of obnoxious aggravation. Those are valuable qualities.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Thought I Wrote About It!

AUTHOR: Scorpio
TITLE: President Obama
CATEGORY: Politics

DATE: 07/27/2004 08:59:48 PM
If the United States has a future, you'd best believe that Barack Obama has a place at the point. He's going places.

A tremendous convention speech -- he understands what the people of this country are about.

Here is some of the text from CNN.

Afterword: the transcript.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Suspect

...that never before in US history have there been huge street parties in every major city after an election. I wonder if half the country took to the streets.

Better to do that in joy than in anger.

Last night I slept well for the first time in years. I trust that President Obama will be a fine leader. He certainly has more promise of being one that we have seen for a long time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Wonder

As I've mentioned before, I now work in a Federal building that has Fox on half its screens all day long.

Recently I've been seeing what look like breaks in the surface of the slippery guy they have announcing all day long. Every so often he breaks out in lefty statements. It makes me wonder if he is *required* to be a right wing nut job to stay employed. I actually heard him say two things last week that were really unlike the usual party line.

The first was when one of his required wingnut visitors said something about a statement Obama made. The Fox guy actually cut him off with "That is NOT true!"

The second was about Exxon.

"14.9 billion dollars in profits this quarter. I want every one of you to remember this the next time the price of oil rises and they go crawling to Congress for a handout. 14.9 billion dollars in profits." Interesting. And very unlike Fox.