Friday, September 26, 2008


In 2004, John Kerry was "the most liberal Senator". In 2008 it's Obama according to McCain. This is because the Republicans think that "liberal" is the worst epithet of all.


Obama pointed out that McCain views everything through the lens of Iraq. McCain denied it, then went on to form his next three statements through the lens of Iraq.

McCain really has no clue. My single health insurance was about 6600.00 a year. What good is a five thousand dollar tax credit toward health care going to do for a family of four or six? Most people just do not have the income to supplement that number and buy coverage.

McCain made it clear he only wants to spend for making war. If there is any intelligence out there, he will lose.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The next thing we need

is actual debate and discussion of the proposed bailout. Is it the best plan? Would other things work as well to infuse capital and take over debt. What is a "bad debt"? What is the sale price? Not that theoretical, top-of-the-market greedy-gulp, uh uh. That is a *good* debt.

I hope that Congress has some plan other than rolling over and spreading their cheeks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fuck Bernake

And his little buddy Paulson, too.

Hurry up, eh? To stick our heads in a noose? To empty our pockets and shake down the grandkids?

Jesus Christ. They have no sense at all, do they?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Avoiding the Rush!

I left phone messages for all my congresscritters that bailing out Wall Street and the banks with the sweat of working America was an obscene idea.

Two of the three are up for re-election. This will pretty much determine who gets my vote to go back to DC.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Real Bottom Line

Alternate Brain hilights it.

There is only money to bail out the plutocrats. There is not enough money to care for anyone or anything else. The free market is only free if you are an owner. As soon as you fail big, there is the good old struggling taxpayer to bail you out. Of course YOU did not want to pay taxes -- oh no! It is just unFAIR to tax millionaires and estates and capital gains and business profits. Really -- it is only FAIR to tax the wages of working folks, and then use those taxes to bail out millionaires, capital gains, and businesses.

If you vote to keep these people in office, you are insane.

consider: how many years could 770 billion keep social security going? How many years of medicare extended to every citizen could it pay for? Add in the 25 billion to retool the auto industry, which has kicked and screamed at the very idea of designing safe, reasonable alternative fuel cars -- how many more years of things needed by those who actually pay the taxes that are going to be wasted on kissing Big Boy ass?

And Mr McCain sees these jerks as a financial model?? That the health industry should be more like them? That alone pretty much disqualifies him from being a decent and responsible leader. His idiot theories are in the way of seeing reality, and we don't need more of that.

$770 Billion Bailout

You know, Bush's proposed $770 billion bailout plan should probably come with the warning that there cannot be any more preemptive wars, that all wars mus have the consent of Congress beforehand, and that the US should withdraw from Iraq upon implementation of this bailout.

I have heard it said that the US only collects about 1.3 trillion dollars in taxes annually, so Bush's war plus the maintenance of a standing military plus the bailouts will literally leave us broke. So much for "tax and spend".

Those of you who voted for him have much to answer for.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Modest Proposal and a Question

Modest Proposal. As Freddie, Fannie, banks and brokerages are taken over by the government, I hope all their employees from the head honcho on down are given their new GS ratings and pay scales -- and the choice of taking them or resigning.

That would definitely help stem the drain of millions of dollars.

Now the question: can you describe Sarah Palin?

Why yes -- George Bush in drag.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What McCain Has

is a Mommy. Not just the mother of five, but a mommy who will make sure her new boy is protected from having to discuss things like issues. Instead the agenda will include respect-or-no-interviews, the requirement that people without policy positions be taken seriously, respect for the destruction of the constitution, respect for opinions handed down from the pulpit with no proof, and a cultural imperative to kick ass and be first no matter how many bodies pile up.

Such a mom!!

Yesterday, Mr. McCain visited John Knox Village in Lee's Summit, MO. This was his core supporting audience. To get a place in John Knox Village cost a quarter of a million dollars back in the 1970's when Grandmother bought in. Today it must be even more expensive. It is everything from assisted living to an on-site hospital; basically full of elderly white Republicans -- a McCain constituency if ever there was one.

Someone at work with an evil sense of humor suggested this scene: Mr. McCain finishes his talk to thunderous applause, and then a nurse comes up and says loudly to him "That was very nice dear, now we'll get someone to show you to your room."

Do we ever wish. He can take his perky mom along with him.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008


I put my Palin opinions up at Pacific Views and I kept it pretty clean and specific.

She has done a poisonous thing to the media coverage and to the tone of the Presidential campaign. Since her advent, discussions of issues and policies have gone away almost entirely. She has been in the spotlight stirring up culture muck and putting on a show that has the "circus" part of bread and circuses front and center.

Yeah, McCain is gonna stop those lobbyists! Have you ever heard such a lie? And he's going to cut spending. Oh yes, while he is giving billions daily to fight wars, he is going to cut spending and taxes, hallelujah!! Another lie.

It's time and past time for the news to examine the content of statements and whether accomplishing them is possible instead of just reporting any lie that candidates spout. Right now, the circus has them dazzled. And they are providing garbage 24/7 as a result. Britney for VP has them grovelling.

I hope the debates bring the current wave of brown stuff to a stop, really I do. Of course, TV may once again have a mandate to use only camera angles that mask the fact that McCain is much shorter than Obama. They managed it for Bush when the first debate showed he was the short person running. Keep an eye on those artifical shots, folks. I'm betting they contort angles dramatically again this time.