Friday, May 30, 2008

Is John McCain a Gigolo?

Much was made of the fact that John Kerry had a rich wife. I'm here to tell you that John McCain also has a rich wife, who ostentatiously owns eight homes. Eight! They must move every half season to a nicer climate or something. Maine for August. Florida for February. Skiing in January. New England for Christmas. The Poconos in June.

The man has 100% disability, 100% Social Security, and a Senate salary so he doesn't have to ask for an allowance.

The disability was given to him after VietNam -- he who does not want current veterans to get disability, medical care, or education benefits. Oh he had them, but there is no way he is as decent to the troops as the nasty civilian world was about paying him back when he served.

McCain is lucky that Obama is such a kind and respectful man, or in answer to his "inexperience" remarks, he would hear the "has-been" label that suits him so well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Minimum

If one makes the minimum wage, one almost cannot afford to drive anymore. The minimum wage is $5.85. A gallon of gas was 3.69 this morning. Federal taxes on 5.85 are .58, social security and medicare are about another .60 -- food has leaped upward in price. A person on minimum wage cannot afford the basics, and it will continue to get worse.

Monday, May 12, 2008

If I Ran the Zoo

I started thinking about things I would do with the tax structure and US purchasing policies if I wanted to bring the country toward a more balanced budget and toward full employment.

1) Government contracts would only go to tax-paying, US based companies. If you wanted a contract, you'd be welcome to set up here.

2) Companies would pay taxes based on the profits reported to their shareholders. No deductions, no chicanery -- if you say you made money, you get to pay taxes on it.

3) Reduce the green-card holding populations back down to Reagan era numbers. Run boot camps to train domestic workers instead of importing foreign workers. Charge companies with foreign "call centers", help lines, and billing facilities a "worker retraining charge" equal to the difference between what they pay their foreign workers, and what they would have to pay a domestic employee. Put that money into a fund to pay education credits that people claim on their taxes. Maybe then English would become the first language of help lines again.

If I think of anything else, no doubt I'll write about it.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Color Me Skeptical

/tinfoil hat on/

The "DC Madam" was found dead today. Suicide.

And I am not sure I believe it, no matter how clear-cut it looked. She often stated that if she were found dead of suicide, it would be because someone killed her.

I hope she did what someone would logically do in that case -- I hope she transmitted all her information to someone charged with releasing it in the event of her death.

The web makes that pretty easy.

If I were in fear for my life, and I had information on that many people with access to folks who want to do them favors, you can be sure I would have made a web site, and that there would be someone to launch it if necessary. Let's hope she did the same.

/tinfoil hat off/