Monday, January 22, 2007

Enumerated Rights

It's just amazing how Mr. Bush seems to find appointees who never took basic US History as taught in high schools all over this nation. Take Mr. Gonzales, for example. Last Thursday, while testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he stated that there was no right to Habeas Corpus in the Constitution.


It is for people like him that the states demanded a Bill of Rights when the Constitution was written -- just in case anyone dared to say that certain rights did not belong to the people. Amazing -- it's as if the colonials foresaw the pack of scoundrels appointed by Bush as a real possibility. The Bill of Rights belongs to that group of Constitutional items known as "enumerated rights" -- those written out explicitly so that no one could claim that they were *not* rights. I wish someone would tattoo that on Mr Gonzales's boy parts so he could hold onto principle with some regularity.

The Bush administration has many partisans and followers who are chewing away at the enumerated rights, and pretending that rights not assigned belong to them rather than to the people -- which is, of course, the thing that the Ninth Amendment forbids. Chewing away at the Ninth Amendment is one of their most common recreations. Most of them have enough room for a tattoo of the Ninth Amendment. It gives all rights to the people, or to the states, that are *not* enumerated rights.

Mr. Gonzales is condemned out of his own mouth, because if something is not in the Constitution, by its absence it is in the Ninth Amendment. This is the Catch-22 for Liberty and Individual Rights. Bless the paranoia of the colonials. A bas Abu Gonzales.

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