Friday, January 26, 2007

Health Options

CNN had an article today on workers who go to work even if they are sick, calling such attendance "presenteeism". The last line was that Democrats wanted to legislate to make businesses give employees at least seven sick days.

Heh. My former employer was pushing to become a billion dollar corporation, and one of our main complaints about them was that they only allowed 6 sick days, and they did not want to permit us to use vacation for sick time. It would be amusing if legislation forced them to give more sick time.

The "health care" options Bush was pushing in his SOTU message were, as usual, ignorant of the reality of poverty, taxing to the middle class, and gifts to his wealthy buddies. It is as if "not enough money to pay for health insurance" is not a concept he can deal with. He would probably be amazed that loaves of bread are sold pre-sliced instead of as whole loaves that the servants then slice.


Bryan said...

When I was in law enforcement we received 12 days a day and you could accumulate it. At retirement you turned in unused sick days for half pay.

Even with that I had guys showing up coughing and sneezing all over everyone in sight. After I made it plain that they were going to take a sick day or a day without pay, my subordinates starting using their sick time when they were sick.

It's tough to schedule 24/7/365 and I didn't need someone passing the flu on to an entire shift. We could just about cover with three absent people on the same day, but at four we had to shift from three shifts to two 12-hour shifts which my boss and the bean-counters hated.

Nobody benefits from diseased people coming to work.

Bryan said...

Oops, that should read 12 days a year.

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Perez said...

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