Thursday, April 12, 2007


An Associated Press story on MSNBC online stated:
Losing Imus will be a financial hit to CBS Radio, which also suffered when Howard Stern departed for satellite radio. The program is worth about $15 million in annual revenue to CBS, which owns Imus' home radio station WFAN-AM and manages Westwood One, the company that syndicates the show across the country.

But that isn't accurate any more. Earlier the story even stated:
...outrage continued to grow and advertisers bolted from his CBS radio show and its MSNBC simulcast.

When advertisers bolt, the "worth" drops drastically -- as well it should have. So it is particularly disingenuous on the part of AP to hold that "worth" at the level it was before the storm of protest.

I think the sexist part of the remarks offended me even more than the racial parts. This "ho" shit has got to go. It isn't cool, and it's indecent. What if women started referring to guys as "pricks" in all public venues? Would that be cool?

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