Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lightening Up

It is the weekend, and I have been amusing myself by looking at e-Bay auctions. I don't know which terminology cracks me up the most "Goth Celtic" or "Hippie Goth Boho" -- talk about taking your adjectives out of a hat for clothing items!

e-Bay may be the only remaining venue that uses "hippie" as a constant adjective. I thought that a guy I knew who used the word in the 1980's was evading the real world -- the people who write these headlines are living in an alternate universe. There are no hippies left. None. Most of them grew 0lder, moved from the communes, and got jobs in Corporate America.

The only thing that might bring communes back with a vengeance is the graying of the Boomers. A lot of folks are going to find themselves on very reduced incomes very soon, and sharing utilities and vehicles is one of the few ways to really reduce outlay.

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