Friday, April 6, 2007


I was reading the money-saving tips on Kos by Kath25 that Mark at The Biomes Blog mentioned. I read along, and realized that the trick of putting a brick in the toilet tank was sort of a waste of bricks.

I save jars. One empty Prego sauce jar, washed well, sits in my toilet tank, open side up. It works just as well as a brick, and I did not have to go to any effort to find it.

With an ice chipper or a blender, I whip frozen coffee cubes into slush, and add Splenda and milk for a drink that Starbucks charges lots of money to serve. I make trail mix from Best Choice granola cereal with raisins, adding dried cranberries, carob chips, and almonds. I make my own fried rice.

I'm on a budget because I've been unemployed most of a year. It is a tight budget, but I'm still managing to get along.


Bryan said...

The Prego jar is not apt to fall over in a minor earthquake and snap off the overflow tube requiring you to spend a weekend flushing with a bucket before you could even contact the landlord to get it fixed.

The landlord isn't responsible if you put the brick in on your own to save water during a major drought.

The joys of San Diego.

Karen McL said...

Ah...a Prudent Survivalist of ever there was one! Good for you!



Mimus Pauly said...

Looks like I'll finally have to take budgeting seriously, too. Now that I'm on blood pressure medicine, that's $30 a month out of my wallet, and my monthly rent's going up $40 in May -- guess I'll have to spend more time cooking and less time dining out.

I foresee myself working lots of overtime over the next few months...