Friday, April 20, 2007


I certainly hope that all of you have been reading things off my sidebar this week.

I have been thinking a lot, but not expressing myself online. The things I might say about the Supreme Court Justices going on a hunting trip with Cheney might suggest that I am still annoyed with the state of the world. Gosh, I do wish Big Dick would plan an outing. Nino hasn't been reported as going out with Dick for way too long.

And then there is Gonzales. My favorite news item mentioned that there was a man with USMC tattoos with a sign protesting the Iraq war -- but after a few hours of Alberto's testimony he made two signs, one with "I don't remember" and a second with tick marks by five counting Gonzales's repeat of that phrase. I love Marines.

See? Back to thinking.

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Bryan said...

That Marine did an excellent bit of framing. "I don't remember" became an easy to digest concept for the media and he presented the TV with a graphic. That is very good PR work.

No matter what else was said, that is what people will take away. It became the media's hook.