Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ugly News

AirTran Airways is trying to eat Midwest. This is bad, maybe worse than bad.

AirTran is such a crappy airline it does not even have luggage forwarding agreements with major airlines, so if you have to connect to an AirTran flight, you have to claim your baggage and then get it searched again when you check in to your AirTran Flight.

Midwest, on the other hand, is the last airline operating domestically that still feeds passengers real food with real forks and spoons (the knives went after 9/11, alas). Midwest is almost the best airline operating in the US, and AirTran is possibly the worst.

Why is it that the crapful airlines eat and deface the best?


Anonymous said...

Grow up, you are concened about an airline that serves stale, bad food. I would much rather buy my food either at the airport or EAT BEFORE GOING TO THE AIRPORT and keep the airline ticket price down. As far as luggage being sent to another airline - duh, use the airline that is going all the way to your final destination.

AirTran's customer service has got to be the best that I have seen in a long time as far as airlines go. Good customer service is why I keep going back.

Scorpio said...

OK, genius, *you* try to fly direct to Florida from Kansas City.

Flap hard -- that is the only way.