Monday, November 5, 2007

Blogging the Future

Every Monday, Jim Kunstler writes another essay and posts it at Clusterfuck Nation. I think he has a handle on the future. Too many people just don't believe that the world is going to undergo seizures when oil gets a bit more expensive.

Just as there are holocaust deniers, there are also peak oil deniers. There is even one imaginative theory that oil just "naturally" floats up through solid rock and pools under everything -- that it is not a deposit from some other era, but a magic mineral that comes into being for the delectation of the deluded.

Kunstler repeats, over and over, that we need to rebuild the rail system in this country before the crisis hits -- that we need to go back to a walkable way of life. That is a whole lot more realistic than the dreams of the magic oil idiots.

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Rainbow Demon said...

Hi Scorpio,

I've been reading Clusterfuck Nation for about 2 years now. This guy absolutely makes sense. He forewarned about the Big Box Housing Developments. I also agree with a Railroad Revival...