Saturday, November 24, 2007


Decisions, decisions.

I still have a 401(k). I left money in it so that I could grow part of my savings while I pulled the rest into a safe haven. I pulled an additional 20% off the base in profits this year just before one of the crashes. It was growing nicely until the last few weeks -- but almost everyone with stock accounts knows how that is. The market has been just poison recently.

Now 401(k) accounts are of all different sorts. The one I was in had actual, explicit funds you could pick to join. Then the money the company put into that account as profit sharing was not part of those chosen funds, but run by the company fund manager. That's where my problem is. You see, as it became clear how Bush was handling the economy, I moved everything that I controlled into funds that are in other countries. Businesses that run in other currencies are gaining money against dollars just because the dollar is tanking. The stuff I picked is keeping my fund in the black overall.

The stuff the fund manager is doing ... well, it is losing money hand over fist. I may have to pull all the money out and shut the account just to get shut of someone else's decisions. While the market is OK, so is the fund manager -- but the manager doesn't seem to move with a changing financial climate. So. Do I need to move on?

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