Sunday, November 4, 2007


Jim over at Mockingbird's Medley continues to have articles full of interesting things to think about. Today there was a long mail from someone who recommended getting involved as a poll worker at the local level, and making sure that fairness was the hallmark of local voting, draft boards, and other activities that are community based.

A couple of days ago he had a piece on whether, under x circumstance, a criminal should be let out of prison.

I've been commenting a lot because I just cannot make myself sit here and write about politics. The candidates who have stepped up just fill me with something between ennui and disgust. So I am hiding my head in the sand an hoping we will still have a country as the primaries creep closer and the candidates stack up their mud balls and slime cannisters.

The one piece of amusing news is that Richard Mellon Scaife's wife is divorcing him, and he did not make out a pre-nup. Maybe the activity in his life will keep him from his infamous meddling in national politics. But right now, if It's political, I do not wanna go there.


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