Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bringing Polygamy Back

The new Defense of Marriage proposal has some interesting wrinkles that aren't discussed. One provision is that having a child is equal to getting married.

If a man gets two women pregnant, would he be legally married to both under this proposal? And someone like Anna Nicole Smith, who has three men fighting over the paternity of her child -- if she had three children by three men, would she be married to all of them?

Yes, it is a measure intended to take discrimination in marriage to absurd lengths -- one to make people understand that procreation is not the only basis for marriage no matter what some religions like to preach. But it has far more entertaining implications than its authors intended.

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Bryan said...

If it passes there be a run on vasectomies, or bigamy prosecutions.

There is nothing that will mess up a bureaucracy faster than following the rules to the letter.