Thursday, February 15, 2007

Watching Their Own Tails

Did you know that Bush's ranch is off the electrical grid entirely, and self-contained?

For what it's worth, Bush's Crawford ranch is completely off-the-grid and equipped with the latest in energy saving and renewable power systems. It has been described as an "environmentalist's dream home." The fact a man as steeped in the petroleum industry as Bush would own such a home should tell you something.

On a similar note, Dick Cheney's personal investments indicate he (or more accurately, whoever handles his money) is expecting economic collapse.

Neither Bush or Cheney (or really, any administration) can be honest with the American people about the severity of what we're facing. If they were honest with the country, half the nation would refuse to believe them while the other half would likely panic.

So if he starts a war with Iran and does critical damage to them, he can just go hide in Crawford, snug and power-fat while everyone else can just go ....

Do you like this picture? Whether or not you like this picture, do you get this picture?


Bryan said...

Would you like to bet that taxpayers picked up the costs for part of this "off the grid" power security?

Their advisors are smarter than they are.

Karen McL said...

ah...but what about FOOD? The collapse of the economy will affect more than power grids. It will affect everything - and he'll be running the gauntlet to get his fresh produce...unless he's got a nice farm with some *guest workers* to farm it for him!

I remember a Newsweek *My Turn* column about a guy who's lost his job (as an exec) and had recreated his home as an off-the-grid lifestyle after getting many jobs but failing to replace his previous income - How Long before Many folks are forced to do this off-the-grid living...and not in a pretty way!

Scorpio said...

True, but he certainly has enough acreage, and could even keep cattle.