Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shame on Associated Press

Associated Press has just corrupted a label that had a very specific meaning.

A "dirty bomb" has always been one that spread radioactive materials.

Today, Associated Press has used the phrase to refer to conventional explosives set under trucks of chlorine. Attempting to associate nuclear materials spread with bombing chemical storage is a degradation of terminology. This happened earlier when almost anything that blew up was conflated with "weapons of mass destruction", when the actual weapons were often "weapons of middlin' harmfulness" instead.

Next thing you know, Iran will be accused of using "dirty bombs", and George will think that is a reason to attack them. The minds of people are being corrupted by slithery terminology and gross exaggeration. Thanks, Associated Press, thanks a lot. With reporters like yours, who needs additional administration propaganda?

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Dragonet2 said...

Tonight Roger brought up an AP news story (they rely too heavily on stringers, random stringers, rather than reporting) that in a particular Iraqui city, two mosques had been blown up by whomever. Someone in the American command read the story after it was reported, started to try to find out what happened/who reported it and couldn't find a link.

BTW, the seeker visited the two mosques and they were intact, with people praying in them as customary.