Monday, February 5, 2007

Health Care for Veterans

The one thing John Edwards would make sure of is that veterans got the health care they need. A current tragedy is that of the young man, Jonathan Schultze, who pleaded with the VA for help, and who reported he was feeling suicidal, and who was dismissed without receiving an evaluation and at least temporary meds ... and who then killed himself.

It's a tragedy, and not even as *isolated* tragedy. With universal health care, this young man would not have had to go begging to the VA -- he could have sought care almost anywhere.

John Edwards proposes that the US institute universal health care. At least part of the money could come from the funds that Defense uses to fund dependent health care for service members whose families stay in the US when they are overseas. People married to service members would just have -- health care, like all other citizens. And think of it -- if a good chunk we spend is not paying insurance companies to tell us what we can't do, I suspect that money for the care itself will be more available than some opponents think.


Bryan said...

If you look at all of the money that governments at all level currently spend on health care, and all of the money lost by the inefficiencies of the the current insurance based system, then factor in the money spent by health care providers to bill all of the multiple systems - a universal payer system would be cheaper.

Scorpio said...

I'm pretty sure that's right. I doubt it would be any 120 billion, and if it were, so what when That Moron wants 245 billion to kill people next year.

Rez Dog said...

Inadequately funded as it may be, I consider myself lucky to be enrolled in the VA health care system, a system that actually ranks pretty high in efficiency and quality of care, when you can get an appointment. A national system that incorporated some of the operational qualities with the access of our better insurance plans probably would cost far less than what we're pouring down the Iraq rat hole.